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Hushed Planet

Hushed Planet is a creative content studio dedicated to marketing & advertising ethical food brands.


Our mission is to help give a voice to brands whose products promote quality of life, benefit people and protect the natural environment.


We work with businesses and entrepreneurs who share our ethos for making a positive impact through ethical manufacturing, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture bringing about beneficial and lasting change. 


For us, good business and ethics go hand in hand. We work with and support brands that actively bring positive change through their ethical and environmental standards, working together to pursue the social good. 

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Supply chains

We are committed to developing business relationships with high quality suppliers and partners who themselves are committed to supply chains that support ethical and environmental standards.

Who won't we work with?

Simply put, we won't work with any brand or organisation that puts profit before people and the planet. These include foods, products, and services that follow non-sustainable working practices. We are against animal testing, inhumane farming, destructive agriculture and harmful manufacturing methods.


We are committed to using our voice to stand up for causes related to our business in line with our values and ethics and donate a percentage of our profits to charities that help to promote positive change.

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We believe as a society, it's essential we reduce the impact we have on the planet by using energy as efficiently as possible, increasing regenerative farming & manufacturing methods, supporting food sustainability and reducing waste. 



Culture improves quality of life. It allows people to express themselves freely, communicate effectively and helps to develop creative skills and knowledge.



We support charities, social enterprise and values-based businesses that provide vital support for disadvantaged people.


No one is perfect, but where we can make a choice, we consciously make decisions that have a positive impact on the world we live in.


Aleks Ugarow

Founder - Hushed Planet​

Aleks is an advertising specialist having spent over 20 years of his career working in advertising, tv & film, both in creative and senior leadership roles.

He has been involved in numerous multi award-winning campaigns for global brands as well as a number of BAFTA nominated and EMMY award winning series for Netflix.

Aside from his professional career, over the last decade,  he has developed a passion for cultivation of organic food. Utilising natural and sustainable growing methods, this passion has led him on a journey of discovery about soil health, sustainability, seed stock and regenerative agriculture. 

In early 2020, Aleks made the decision to combine his professional skills and passion for ethically produced food and launched Hushed Planet, a company dedicated to the advertising and marketing of ethical food & consumer brands. 

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